Dilli ka Dill ( Delhi’s Heart )

Being one of 5.064 million commuters that use the Delhi Metro daily to reach their destinations. I knew how big a deal it is for Delhi and its functioning; it’s one of the cleanest and safest ways to travel around the capital and surrounding NCR region. And like the capital, the trains have an aura formed due to a different array of people belonging to several beliefs, cultures, ethnicities and sometimes even different nationalities all tucked inside one train, which also is a small part of an army of 336 trains that run…


This exploratory study was possible with Manvir Singh & Sanyam Grover

This study revolves around the cognitive issues experienced by car drivers who interact with car screen interfaces, in-depth user study consisting of two people, conducting a simulation experience to study across a larger audience followed by a converging phase where we analyse data collected throughout the process and finding pain points to work upon.

The whole study started as one of our college’s surprise tests under the subject ‘Cognitive Ergonomics’ and we got the idea to do a study about car controls and later finalised to car setup’s…

Tejasv Mohan

2nd year Industrial and Interaction Design undergrad. Human-centered design solutions > User-centered design solutions

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